How to Make Homemade Buffing Cream for Nails

A few drops of rose essential oil are good for your skin and add a delicate fragrance.

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Buffing gives your nails a brilliant shine without the trouble of applying nail polish. Make your own cream to use with a buffer for a natural shine and the reassurance that you know exactly what you're putting on your nails. If you are so inclined, make extra cream and invite the girls over for a relaxing spa evening.

Find a Container

Before you make the buffing cream, hunt down a container to put it in. An empty eye cream container is the right size; just wash it out with hot water and dish soap and let it dry. Or purchase a new container from a beauty supply shop.

Mix the Ingredients

In a small glass mixing bowl, combine 1 tablespoon sea salt; 1 teaspoon kaolin clay -- found in health of beauty supply stores; and 2 teaspoons jojoba oil. For really dry skin, use avocado oil instead. Kaolin clay is a natural product used in cosmetics for its absorbent properties. It helps to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin without causing irritation. Stir the mixture thoroughly and transfer it to your clean jar with a teaspoon.

Add Extras

Customize the product to your skin type by adding essential oils. Ladies with dry skin should add lavender or rosemary essential oil. For normal skin, add chamomile or rose. Place a few drops of essential oil into the buffing cream and stir it again.

Buffing Time

To use the buffing cream, wash your hands with a gentle cleanser. Apply a dab of cream to each fingernail, massage it in, then buff each nail in a side-to-side motion using the smoothest side of a buffer block. After buffing, wash the cream off of your hands with warm water and enjoy your gleaming nails.

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