How to Make Facial Products With Household Items

Pamper your skin with homemade facial products.

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You love to pamper yourself, but all those facial products are taking a toll on your bank account. Well, girl, you don't have to forgo your daily beauty regimen just because of a lack of cash. You can make your own facial products on the cheap with common household items. You'll still be giving your mug a little TLC without busting your budget.

Facial Scrub


Pour 1 tsp. of olive oil into a bowl. Add ½ tsp. sea salt and mix it up well.


Dampen your face with warm water. Scoop some of the mixture from the bowl with your fingers.


Massage the scrub gently into your skin using small, circular motions. Leave it on your face for about three minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Face Mask


Cut the stems off of three medium-sized strawberries. Put them in a bowl, then use a fork to mash them up.


Add 1 tsp. of honey. Stir up the strawberries and honey with spoon so the ingredients are thoroughly combined.


Scoop the mixture from the bowl with your fingers. Massage it onto your face.


Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes. Rinse your face well with cold water.

Facial Toner


Put ½ oz. apple cider vinegar in an empty bottle. Add 4 oz. mineral water.


Put five uncoated aspirin tablets into a bowl. Use the back of a spoon to crush them to powder.


Add the powdered aspirin to the bottle of vinegar and water. Put the cap on the bottle and shake it up well.


Apply the toner to your face using a cotton ball. Use this mixture sparingly on spots of the face that have acne, enlarged pores or rough skin. Keep unused toner in the refrigerator.

Wrinkle Reducer


Crack an egg and put only the white into a bowl. Use a fork to whisk it up a bit.


Use a cotton ball to smooth the egg white on your face.


Let the egg white air-dry on your skin for a quick, easy wrinkle reducer. You don't have to rise it off; just apply makeup over it.

Things You'll Need


1.1 tsp. olive oil

3.½ tsp. sea salt


7.1 tsp. honey

9.½ oz. apple cider vinegar

11.5 uncoated aspirin tablets

13.Cotton balls


4.3 medium-sized strawberries


8.Empty bottle

10.4 oz. mineral water


14.1 egg


Tips & Tricks


Mix three parts lemon juice with one part water for another homemade toner.

Don't use toner made with aspirin if you are allergic to aspirin.


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