How to Make Eyelash Dye

Effortlessly dark lashes can be yours in minutes with homemade dye.

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Using mascara or applying false lashes are an excellent way to create the illusion of dark, luminous eyelashes. However, such tools are a mere temporary fix. Obtain the dark attractive lashes you have always dreamed of with a few DIY tricks to make an at-home dye kit. Prepare your own salon-worthy look while keeping this eyelash dye simple and safe.


Mix the aloe gel and the activated charcoal in a small bowl. Ensure that they are fully blended for a clump-free solution.


Place the gel mixture into an empty mascara applicator to extend the life of the solution.


Prep the skin surrounding the eyes with petroleum jelly. By lightly spreading it around the eyes you will ensure that no dye sticks to the coated area.


Fully coat the eyelashes from root to tip with a mascara wand, naturally darkening them to a luscious tone. Reapply the mixture as necessary.

Things You'll Need


1.½ tbsp. aloe gel

3.Mixing bowl

2.½ tbsp. activated charcoal

4.Empty mascara applicator


Tips & Tricks


Another means to achieving flawless lashes is to use an already mixed at-home dye kit. Such kits are available at beauty supply stores.


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