How to Make a Braided Ribbon Hair Barrette


If you were a child of the 1980s, chances are you had a few braided ribbon hair barrettes in your wardrobe. These hair accessories look like a complicated woven creation, but in reality they're super simple to make. The braided ribbon hair barrette trend is coming back in a big way, so hop on that retro train and whip up a few for yourself or for someone you know. Pretty soon you'll be buying all the day-glow ribbon you can get your hands on for true '80s style made new.


Grab two colors of ribbon that coordinate with one another. Cut each length of ribbon to be 1 yard long.


Stack up the ribbons, one on top of the other, in front of you on a table. From now on, work with them like they're one ribbon; keep them flat and pressed together as you work, holding both strands together while you braid. Thread them through the closed end of your barrette---the one that doesn't have a clasp. Position the ribbons so that the center of the ribbons is inside the barrette and the two bars of the barrette are facing up. The clasp of the barrette should be near you while the end with the ribbons should be opposite it.


Take the ribbons on the right side of the barrette and bring them up over the first bar (the one on the right) and under the second (left) bar. Now both lengths of ribbon should be to the left of the barrette.


Grab the other lengths of ribbon and bring them over the left bar and under the right one. Now the ribbons are sticking out on opposite sides of the barrette, and you can see a woven braid starting to form at the top.


Continue weaving back and forth, alternating right and left sides over and under the bars of the barrette. Stop every few wraps and push the ribbons up toward the top of the barrette so you cover all the surface area of the bars and don't leave any gaps.


Stop weaving when you hit the bottom of the barrette and you can't push the ribbons up any further. End with both ribbons on one side of the barrette. Tie them in a knot to secure them, and then let the ends hang or trim them to be shorter. Tie a knot in the end of each ribbon strand to secure it.

Things You'll Need


1.1/8-inch wide ribbon in two colors


2.Double bar hair barrette


Tips & Tricks


String buttons or beads onto the ends of the ribbon for extra flair, or leave them as they are. You can also wrap them around to the underside of the barrette and glue them down if you don't want ribbon ends hanging down.

If you want to rock out in true '80s style, choose bold jewel tones like hot pink and electric blue, or go with day-glow colors like neon yellow and orange.


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