How to Make Black Hair Blond With Peroxide

A bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a little time can inexpensively take you from black hair to blond.

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If blonds do have more fun, it may be because they can more easily dye their hair whatever color they want. While it is easy to go from a light color to any number of darker choices, it is much more difficult to go the other way. If you have black or very dark brown hair, you must lighten your hair before you can go blond, red or even light brown. To do this at a salon can be expensive, so many women choose to use hydrogen peroxide to bleach their hair at home.


Cut a small lock of hair and dye it the same way you plan to dye your hair. Hydrogen peroxide sometimes turns dark hair red instead of blonde, so skip this step and you could be setting yourself up for a nasty surprise. If your hair goes red instead of blonde, you won’t be able to go blond without the help of a professional hair dresser.


Have an old towel handy. Hydrogen peroxide can sometimes bleach things you did not intend, like the dog or the bathroom counter. Be as careful as possible and clean any drips or spills quickly. Wear old clothes when bleaching your hair as well.


Wash your hair as you normally would and comb it with a de-tangling comb.


Pour your hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and spray your hair thoroughly. Make sure you spray all of your hair or your color will be splotchy and uneven. It is easiest to start at the back of your head and work your way forward. Work as quickly as you can so that the peroxide sits on all of your hair for the same amount of time.


Comb your hair again to make sure the peroxide is evenly distributed, then pile the hair on top of your head and put a shower cap on.


Allow your hair to sit for up to 1 hour. The darker your hair, the more time it will need to process. This is where your test strand comes in – to get the same results on your head as you got on your test strand, you will need to leave the peroxide in for the same amount of time.


Hop in the shower and use a mild shampoo to remove the hydrogen peroxide from your hair. Follow with a deep conditioning treatment, as your hair will be dry after bleaching.

Things You'll Need



3.Old clothes

5.Spray bottle

7.Shower cap

9.Deep conditioning treatment

2.Old towel

4.3% hydrogen peroxide solution

6.De-tangling comb

8.Mild shampoo


Tips & Tricks


You can put highlights or streaks in your hair by using a cotton ball to apply the hydrogen peroxide to only certain sections of hair.


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