The Best Magnetic Curlers for African American Hair

Helmet-style hairdryers can speed up your styling process.

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Magnetic rollers let you style your hair without using heat. These rollers are plastic, not magnetic, getting their name from the fact that wet hair just seems to stick to them. Different brands of magnetic rollers generally have a very similar design, because they all follow a super-simple concept.


The size of your rollers depends on the type of style you want. Big rollers help to straighten natural hair, while giving it a little bounce and curl. Smaller rollers give hair smaller curls, though of course the curls will be way bigger than your natural curl.


Regardless of style, you need smooth plastic rollers, not rollers coated in foam. The hard surface will give your hair a sleeker look. Make sure your rollers have vents, too, which allow hair to dry. Otherwise, you could end up with locks that are still damp after hours and hours of drying. Most magnetic rollers do have vents.


The brands Goody, Diane and ConAir all sell popular magnetic roller sets. Conair's 61121n magnetic curler set includes many sizes of rollers to give you plenty of options each time you set your hair. Goody's 45639 magnetic roller kit also offers a variety of sizes. The Goody and Diane brands both sell snap-on magnetic rollers as well as regular magnetic rollers. Typical magnetic curler sets use pins to hold the rollers on, while snap-on curlers have a plastic piece that snaps back over the curler to hold the hair in place.


To get the curly style you're after, you'll need to let your locks air dry in the curlers or dry them under a helmet-style hairdryer. Don't comb your curls after releasing them from the rollers, and keep your hands off them so they'll maintain their lovely style.

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