The Best Lush Shampoos

Before buying a shampoo, ask yourself, "What do I want this to do for my hair?"

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Lush products are absolutely addicting. Who doesn't love pretty colored soaps with a variety of different textures, ingredients and scents? Still, as much as you might love their products, walking into a Lush store and trying to pick out a shampoo without really knowing what you want can be overwhelming. There are just so many options -- do you go for a hard shampoo or a soft one? Should you buy something vegan? How will it benefit your hair? Don't be overwhelmed! Depending on your hair type, there are some great products to help fix your hair woes and help you flaunt what you've got.

For Flat, Lifeless Hair

Have you noticed that your hair is a little bit flat, even after multiple attempts to add body and bounce through styling products and blow drying? It might be your shampoo. Lush has several shampoos that help with bounce and body, most notably its classic BIG shampoo. This shampoo has a couple things that work in your favor. First, this shampoo has sea salt which helps your hair retain its natural moisture, so locks won't be limp and frizzy. It also has a seaweed infusion that strengthens hair but doesn't weigh it down. "The salt felt good on the scalp and my hair was clean, squeaky clean, and really shiny," said Meg O'Brien of the popular beauty blog Meg's Makeup. "My hairdresser noticed that I was using a different product and commented that my hair was in the best condition she had ever seen it."

For Damaged, Frizzy Hair

Hair goes through a lot of wear and tear. Think of all the times you blow dry it, dye it, use a flat iron, tug on tangles with your hair brush and pull out knots with your hair bands. Face it -- the more you do with your hair, the more damaged it often is, but Lush's Rehab is designed especially to heal damaged hair. Tested and recommended by the beauty test lab of Kristina Matisic and Anna Wallner, the shopping gurus behind the OWN TV show Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag and curators of their website's beauty review section, this shampoo contains olive oil and jojoba oil, which are proven to restore strength and shine. It also has fresh juice from pineapples, papaya and mangoes, all which have special enzymes that naturally remove dead skin and dirt and enrich your damaged follicles with much needed vitamins.

For Itchy, Flaky Scalps

Dandruff can be embarrassing but beyond that, an itchy, flaky scalp is plain old annoying. Many shampoos can dry out your scalp and make your problem even worse, but Lush's Soak and Float shampoo bar will fix not only your dandruff but any eczema or dry skin flareups you have anywhere. The main active ingredient is cade oil, which is known to alleviate eczema, but be warned -- this shampoo doesn't smell pretty! According to Lushalicious, the blog for all things Lush, it's pretty effective and should clear up dandruff in one or two uses, but you might want to pair it with a pretty smelling conditioner though the smell does disappear after rinsing.

Best Two-in-One

Sometimes you are pressed for time and you don't want to have to shampoo and condition. This is why a two-in-one shampoo is a great option, but many drug store brands weigh down hair, don't properly condition and don't smell great. Lush's Godiva, also recommended by Matisic and Wallner's test lab, pulls out all the stops. Shea and cocoa butter moisturize and condition hair and give it body. The major plus is that the jasmine scent will last almost all day -- that's more than you can say for your drugstore brand two-in-one, right?

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