How to Lubricate the Zipper on Pants

A stuck zipper plus lube equals success.

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A stubborn zipper can put a nasty snag in your morning routine. Instead of wasting time trying to wrench it into place, take action another way. When your zipper hangs up, some lubricant can help it start slipping and sliding again. Yet, you don't have to purchase a special product. Instead, look for plenty of useful options only an arm's reach away. Once you lube up your pants zipper, it and you can move on.

Soap It


Keep your pants on -- no need to remove them. Grab a bar of soap.


Position one side of the soap against the teeth of your pants zipper and rub it up and down on the teeth to deposit bits of slick soap.


Start working your zipper to loosen it. Pull it up and down. Once it loosens, unzip and zip it several times to make sure it's good to go.

Condition It


Squeeze a bit of hair conditioner on your fingers.


Slide your fingers up and down the zipper teeth and track to lube them.


Try the zipper. It may take a couple of tugs, but the conditioner will help it get moving again. Zip it up and down all the way a couple of times to make sure it won't give you any more trouble.

Balm It


Dig in your bag for your trusty tube of lip balm -- flavored or not, no problem.


Pop off the cap and rub the balm up and down the zipper teeth.


Take hold of the zipper and give it a jerk to get it moving. If it doesn't move one way, try it the other way. Keep trying until it starts moving. Work it up and down a few times to lubricate the teeth.

Things You'll Need


1.Bar soap

3.Lip balm

2.Hair conditioner


Tips & Tricks


In a pinch, grab a candle that's close by and rub the wax into the teeth of the zipper.

Stand over a trash can if you're worried about soap fragments dropping on the floor.


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