The Best L'Oreal Bright Red Semipermanent Hair Color

L'Oreal's semipermanent red hair colors will temporarily boost your current shade.

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Dying your hair red is a perfect way to spice up your look, and using a semipermanent dye is a great way to test the waters. The L’Oreal website states that its semipermanent formulas last up to one week -- or seven shampoos -- and do not lighten your hair. The subtle color change offered is ideal if you’ve never dyed your hair and are nervous about the results or if your hair is already chemically treated.

The Hair Colors

At the time of publication, the only semipermanent hair colors that L’Oreal offers come in the Root Rescue line of products, designed to help you maintain your current hair color. Because the colors are semipermanent, they don’t require that you lighten or bleach your hair. The Root Rescue hair dye colors are designed to look natural, not funky. The dyes that are closest to bright red include Light Auburn (6R), Dark Blonde (7), Light Brown (6) and Medium Golden Brown (5G). The L’Oreal site states that its semipermanent hair dyes only deposit color on the hair’s outer layer.

Your Hair Color

The bright red, semipermanent hair colors that L’Oreal sells work best if your hair is blond to light brown. Because the dye formulas darken your hair, you will not be able to see the shade you applied to your tresses if they are already medium brown to black. L’Oreal’s line of nonpermanent and permanent hair colors may be best for you if you have dark hair and want to add bright red to its hue.

Your Skin Tone

The best bright red hair color depends on your skin tone and eye color. According to “Ladies’ Home Journal,” you have a cool skin tone if you have blue or green eyes and fair skin. Cool skin tones look best with red hair colors that have blue or violet tones in them. You have a warm skin tone if your skin is olive, dark or golden and you have brown eyes. Red hair colors that look best with warm skin tones are those that have golden or yellow tinges.


Before you apply a L’Oreal semipermanent hair dye to your tresses, wash your hair the day before -- not the day of -- the application for the best results. Spread a layer of skin moisturizer around your hairline so that it’s easy to wipe away any dye that contacts your skin. Then part your hair into small sections so that it’s easier to apply the hair dye evenly into your locks. Mix the hair-color formula according to the directions that come with the product, and apply the dye from the root of your hair to the ends. Let the formula sit in your hair for the amount of time recommended on the package before rinsing it out with warm water. When the water runs clear, apply the conditioner that comes with the bottle of hair dye.

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