How to Loosen the Waist on Jeans

Loosen up your look with a simple jeans waistband expansion.

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Finding a well-fitting pair of jeans can sometimes seem like finding a golden goose, even for a seasoned shopper. Since jeans are sized to fit a wide range of bodies instead of suiting each individual, stylistas may struggle to pull on pairs that match their inseam measurements but not their rise, or seem snug in the hip while needing to rent out room upstairs. If you're stuck with a pair of denim duds that have a flattering fit everywhere but the too-tight waist, make the waistband a little looser.


Locate the midpoints between the center back seam of the waistband and the side seams. Mark these points with a fabric pencil.


Make a small vertical cut at each marking, stopping just before the waistband seam.


Cut two pieces of 1-inch-wide elastic into 1-inch-long strips.


Pin the edges of each piece of elastic to the edges of each waistband cut, on the inside.


Sew straight across the edges of the elastic to attach it to the jeans waistband. Make several passes to be sure that the elastic will not come off when stretched.


Wear your newly stretched, comfortable jeans with pretty tops that cover the waistband.

Things You'll Need



3.Measuring tape

5.1-inch-wide elastic

7.Sewing machine

2.Fabric pencil




Tips & Tricks


You can also add elastic to the front of the jeans, if you need even more stretch.

Sew jeans with a strong needle only. Do not use a basic standard needle, as it may break on the tough denim.


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