How to Loosen the Thighs of Tight Jeans

Squeeze into your favorite pair of too-snug denim.

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Sometimes you might make the mistake of purchasing a pair of jeans that are a bit too small in hopes of squeezing into them. That or you carelessly placed your favorite pair into the dryer without a second thought. This common mistake has a simple fix that will have your rocking your denim again in no time. Loosen the thighs of too-tight jeans with ease, strutting the style that fits just right.


Pull on your too-snug pair of skinny jeans or flares. Use the help of a water bottle to mist the thighs of the jeans. Applying water to the denim allows it to stretch more easily, creating a fool-proof way to loosen the slacks. Squirt any other areas of the jeans that feel too tight, getting them damp enough that they can take on new shape.


Practice doing squats, bends or wall sits to loosen the thighs of the jeans. You might feel like you are in a comedy movie scene, but these stretch-out tricks do work. Spend a fair amount of time doing such moves, followed by at least an hour of relaxation in the pair. The more lounge time spent in the jeans, the cozier they will begin to feel.


Steam dry the jeans for the pair that is ultra stubborn. Hang the snug slacks in the bathroom as you shower, allowing them to take on the moisture and heat from the room. Be sure to shut the bathroom door to keep all that steam in. This absorption helps the jeans to loosen up and is a sure-fire way to make them comfortable.

Things You'll Need


1.Spray water bottle


Tips & Tricks


Do not put your jeans in the dryer. Placing denim in the dryer makes it shrink, creating a too-tight situation.


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