Loose Beach-Wave Perms With Thick Hair

Get gorgeous with loose waves.

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If you love the look of effortless waves that will make you look like you just spent the day basking in the rays of the sun with the ocean breeze running through your hair, consider a perm. For thick tresses, a loose wave perm can result in stunning curls that will have you turning heads.

Creating Loose Waves

To create loose waves with the help of a perm, using large perm rods is a must. If your hair is short to medium length (no longer than the shoulders), use the largest size of perm rods, which are generally white or peach in color. The large size will create large, cascading curls. Use a piggyback technique to recreate the look of being at the beach all day. The piggyback technique will create a loose spiral curl by wrapping each half inch section of hair vertically in rows. Perm rods will lay on top of one another, hence the name "piggyback."

Perms for Long Hair

If your tresses go to great lengths and are anywhere below your shoulders, normal perm rods will not do the trick for your mane. Spiral perm rods for long hair will create a work of art in the form of curls. Your long locks will be wrapped around long perm rod "tubes." The tubes interlock and look like large plastic circles placed throughout your hair. Don't be alarmed, ladies. If you opt for this technique, you may look like a creature from outer space during the process, but rest assured -- the results will be beautilicious.

Perm Type

If your thick tresses are coarse and a bit resistant, perms that specifically meet the needs of your hair type are on the market and can turn your resistant hair into luscious curls within a matter of an hour. If your hair has been chemically treated, opt for a perm for chemically treated hair that will not interfere with color or other chemical services. The processing time may be a bit longer.

Styling Your Loose Wave Perm

Once you have finally reached a state of curl glory with your new perm, maintain that gorgeous coiffure at home. Use gentle shampoo and conditioners for chemically treated hair. Avoid shampooing your hair for 72 hours after your perm for best results. When rinsing your hair after washing, finish with a cool rinse. This helps to seal the cuticle of hair, which will result in sparkling shine. Style your hair with a cream curl enhancer. Use a diffuser to enhance the curls or allow it to dry naturally. Apply a bit of shine serum to add shine and keep frizz at bay.

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