The Longest-Lasting Red Hair Color

Christina Hendricks knows how to make her bold red hair color last.

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There is more to dyeing your hair red than just deciding to do it on a whim. Red hair color has the most pigment, which is fabulous at first because you get a bold, bright color. The problem is that this also means the red color is also one of the fastest-fading hair colors. To get the longest-lasting red hair color, you not only need to choose the right dye and follow the right process, but also take proper care of your hair to make sure your color lasts.


Choosing the right dye is one of the most important steps to getting the ravishing red hair color you want. A semi-permanent dye works if you only want a temporary look, because washes out after about four to six weeks with regular shampooing. A permanent dye lasts until you grow your hair out or recolor your hair, so these dyes are a better option if you're looking for the longest-lasting red hair color.


When you're coloring your hair, there are two aspects that are more important than anything: coverage and processing time. When you first apply the color, ensure all your strands are coated. Use a hair-coloring bowl and brush for the most precision; the stiff bristles on the brush comb through the strands of your hair so no dry pieces get leftover. Don't take the dye off too early; not allowing for proper processing time prevents you from getting the highly pigmented red shade you're after.


Red hair requires proper care. That means sticking to a color-safe shampoo with a low pH and a color-depositing conditioner; it actually deposits color into your hair instead of stripping it away, so your hair stays vibrant instead of looking faded and worn out. Use products that are protective of your dyed 'do and don't strip your hair. Always apply a thermal heat product onto your hair before using any heat-styling tools, to prevent damage and keep your red-hot hair from getting fried and dry.


Regular touch-ups are really important when you have a red hair color. With other hair colors, a bit of regrowth usually isn't a big deal, but with red hair, you need to keep it bold and vibrant, and that means not letting regrowth and fading get the best of you. If you choose to have your hair dyed red, you need to be willing to keep up with the maintenance; get in to see your stylist at least once a month for touch-ups. A color-conditioning rinse and color glaze also help keep your color looking fresh and fab.

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