How Long Do You Have to Wait to Wash Your Hair After You Dye It?

Skip the daily shower to lengthen the life of your hair color.

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Once hair dye goes on your tresses, it feels like a never-ending battle to make it last. You can use the strongest formula available and still find it fading within a week of completing a fierce at-home dye job. Nurture this temporary color into a long-lasting relationship by adopting a gentle shower routine and picking products that will fight to make you look like a star.


Once you wash out the dye, take two days off before hitting the showers again. If you need to work it hardcore at the gym or just feel nasty, wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap to rinse off without getting it wet. When you do wash it again, stick with warm water. Save that soothing hot water for a relaxing bath to keep it from stripping away your dye. Stick with washing out your locks only three or four times a week and watch your color shine for months to come.

Shampoo and Conditioner

You've cut down the showers, but if your shampoo is up in arms and ready to strip your hair down to the bare essentials, you've got a problem. Coax that color back to life with shampoo and conditioner designed with color treated hair in mind. Virtually every brand offers a version of these products, so no need to cut ties with your go-to brand name. Your hair dye kit often comes with a little conditioner bottle as well. Take advantage of this freebie and use it until the last drop.

Color Touch-Ups

Whipping up a batch of hair dye when your color starts fading is asking for fried, over-treated tresses. Instead, try this tip from Planet Green and stir one teaspoon of your hair dye into an entire bottle of olive oil. Mix it up and coat your hair. After fifteen minutes, wash it out for a color boost without the harsh chemical side effects. It saves time, energy and -- most importantly -- your well-deserved cash.


Trade in your daily blow drying, curling or straightening routine for a couple days of old fashioned, no-heat air drying. Too much heat frizzes the hair and causes your color to fizzle and dye. When you do need a salon blowout for date night or to amp up your self-confidence, spray on heat protection spray first. Add a dollop of shine serum afterward so your hair color glistens like a jewel.

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