How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be?

The length of skinny jeans is way important to pulling off the look.

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If the past few seasons have taught us anything, it's that skinny jeans are not going anywhere anytime soon. Thankfully, in a short time we have seen them evolve to suit most body types, not just super models like Kate Moss, in all of their tall/skinny glory. We can't all be model height, but we can find skinny jeans that are the right length for us.

The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

The very definition of skinny jeans suggests that they should hug around the ankle. Whether they are high-rise or low, structured denim or nylon-denim "jeggings," the classification of "skinny" refers to pants that are form-fitting, slightly stretchy and fit snug below the ankle.The style name has nothing to do with which body types should actually wear this style (thank goodness).

Ankles? I Got You Covered.

Because skinny jeans (aka skinnies) are so form fitting, it is important that they are the right length. If they are too long they may cause a lot of bunching, and if they are too short you may have this odd bony ankle thing happening down there, neither of which is flattering on anyone. Aim for about half an inch past the ankle to keep everything covered but prevent denim overload around your ankles.

To Scrunch or Not to Scrunch?

Don't be afraid of a little scrunch. Your skinny jeans should never be so tight at the bottom that you can't move them up and down a little. Whether you are wearing heels or flats, the scrunching adds texture and distinguishes your denims from nylon leggings. To achieve the right amount of scrunch, make your jeans just barely touch the floor if you are barefoot.

Roll 'Em!

If you prefer a more polished finish, feel free to roll up the hem and make a clean cuff. Cigarette-style skinnies have a little bit more give at the bottom and are more conducive to rolling. If you are on the petite side, this may be a good option to avoid hemming or tailoring. Just follow the same rule of thumb and let them fall about half an inch below the ankle.

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How to Wear Skinny Jeans

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