How Long Should a Leather Necklace with a Pendant Be?

Urban couture jewelry is front and center.

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Urban couture jewelry has a balance of earthy, organic textures and chunky pendants. Long one necklaces, short ones, ropes, and shoestring necklaces all fit the bill as some serious wardrobe accessories. Platinum, gold and silver are taking a backseat to leather, feathers, and rocks. Whether you're going for tribal or rustic, a leather necklace is versatile enough to be both. Have no fear -- all divas can stay true to the bling, via rhinestones.

Ropes and Shoestring Necklaces with Big Ol' Charms

Thirty-three inches is an average length for a hanging necklace. Use a tape measure for custom pieces just in case they need to be lengthened or shortened. Belly button length or 1 to 2 inches above the belly button is sexy but appropriate for the workplace. When designing the necklace, leave length for the pendant to hang.


Midlength necklaces hang to the breast area, right above the cleavage. If the necklace has rows that lay on your chest, the same rules apply. Twenty-three inches works for a leather necklace because that length will allow the leather to hang relaxed, as opposed to stiffly, around the neck.


A choker fits directly around the trunk of your neck. This style has a more personal fit; use a tape measure to find the length that comfortably fits around your neck. It's important that the closure is adjustable so the choker can fit a variety of neck sizes.

Below the Belt

Forty-four inches seems extremely long, but some necklaces hang below the belt line. The key to the perfect piece is that the leather can't be too thick and the pendant can't be too heavy. You don't want to strain your neck, but chunky pieces are chic.

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