How Long Does a Sewn-In Hair Weave Last?


A hair weave can give you the long, sexy locks you’ve been dreaming of, and it can be done in a very short time. The only catch is the dream comes at a price -- the weave needs routine maintenance. The weave should also be removed at least twice a year to give your real hair a breather.

The Procedure

A sewn-in hair weave is just that – a weave attached to your hair with a needle and thread. Yes, it’s just like sewing. The procedure begins with the braiding of a tiny section of hair. The weave is sewn to the braid. The needle is threaded with matching thread, then sewn half-hitch knots hold the weave in place. The braiding and sewing is done in even rows until the weave blends naturally with your hair. From start to finish, the procedure takes about four to six hours.

Loosening Up

Once the weave is in your hair for eight weeks, it will more than likely begin to loosen up. For some women, this loosening may go unnoticed until the 10th week, which is as long as anyone should wait for a redo. Once the weave loosens, it will only get worse. The weave may begin to slide down your hair strands, and possibly break off some of your hair. At that point, you will need to visit your hairdresser to correct the weave.

The Redo

After the eight to 10-week cycle of wear, the weave inevitably needs to be retightened at the base. This involves cutting the threads, rebraiding each section, and sewing in fresh threads. As long as you have the extensions, plan on visiting your hairdresser every eight to 10 weeks until it's time to remove the weave.


Once a sewn-in weave hits its sixth month, it is time to bid it goodbye. The weave may look great, and you may be reluctant to do so, but it’s for the best. Leaving a sewn-in weave in your hair longer than three months may damage your real hair underneath. That can lead to tangles, mattes, breakage and structural damage, and you don’t want any of that.

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