How Long to Keep Blush for Your Cheeks

Like other cosmetics, blush will expire.

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Nothing lasts forever, including your cosmetics. That perfectly pink shade of blush that makes your cheeks glow has to bite the dust sooner or later. The shelf life of the product depends on if it is a powder or cream. Knowing the life expectancy of your blushes won't keep them alive, but you will know when it's time for something new.

Powder Blush

Because it's a dry cosmetic, powder blush lasts much longer than other blush formulas. Unfortunately, the ingredients still age, and they should be good for only one to two years. If you keep powder blush around much longer than that, the color won't be as true and the consistency may suffer.

Cream Blush

Cream blush can't linger in your cosmetics supply as long as powder blush. Cream blush usually goes bad two months after it's opened, if not sooner. If you notice a change in the consistency of cream blush at any time, get rid of it. If your nose picks up an odd or foul odor from the product, direct it to the nearest trash can.

Application Tools

Never put your fingers directly in the product unless you want to shorten the life of the product. Always use clean application tools -- brushes or sponges -- when applying powder or cream blush. This cuts down on contamination. Wash the brushes with mild soap and water every two weeks and let them air dry. Throw away makeup sponges after a month of use.

Storage Tips

There are a few things you should do to extend the life of your cream blush, starting with keeping the lid of the container tightly closed. If you allow air to seep into the container, the oils will dry out and cause cracks in the product. Also, after opening a new container of cream blush, always store the container in a resealable plastic bag, and keep the bag in the fridge. Keep powdered blush in a cool, dry place to get the most out of the product.

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