How Long Does It Take for Ingrown Hairs to Go Away?

Shaving is the main cause of ingrown hairs.

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Ingrown hairs can be painful and can cause acne--and don't do anything for the look of your bikini line either. But, don't despair, there are a few tricks you can use to prevent them from altering a day at the beach or bedroom time with your partner.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Pseudofolliculitis barbae is the official medical term for good old-fashioned razor bumps, otherwise known as an ingrown hair problem. These little red bumps are caused by shaving. What makes them crop up on your skin is curved hairs that grow back into the skin after shaving is done. They can itch, they can be painful and they can cause scars.

How Long They Last

As long as you're shaving, you're putting yourself at risk for this no-fun skin problem. Stop shaving and you'll stop ingrown hairs. If you continue to shave, they'll keep cropping up and last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how you choose to treat and prevent them.


If you happen to notice one razor bump and the nasty hair that caused it, you can try to release and remove the hair using a sterilized needle. You can also try plucking the hair out with a pair of tweezers, but this is likely to be uber-painful and can result in scarring, so should only be done very carefully and infrequently. If you have a group of ingrown hairs, the best thing you can do is keep your skin moisturized and take a break from shaving that area until they go away.


There are a couple of alternatives to shaving and some prevention tips that might help you out with your ingrown hairs. Using thick shaving cream and taking a warm shower before you shave will help to open up the hair shaft to easily remove all the hair in your shaving area. Using a fresh, sharp razor will also help to take hair away and prevent ingrown problems. Always put on lotion after you shave. Depilatory creams that dissolve hair from the roots will help to prevent razor bumps, as will laser hair removal. Getting rid of the razor is your best bet to combat this problem.

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