Long Hairstyles for a Woman With a Square Face and Fine Hair


Few things are sexier than long, flowing hair that just begs to be touched. With so many styling options available to long hair, the possibilities are endless, which ensures that you will always have the choice of a new look. One of the best things about long hair is that it complements many face shapes, including those with a square structure. Long tresses are actually ideal for a square face because they soften the jawline and chin. Take a look at some hot styles for lengthy locks.

Loose Waves

Soft and relaxed with a beachy feel, rocking your long, fine hair in free-flowing, loose waves is a fabulous way to accentuate the angular structure of your square face shape. Since the curl pattern of the loose waves is so relaxed, it doesn't add any unwanted mass or bulk to your prominent jawline, wide cheekbones or square chin. The waves also add a nice amount of thickness to your fine locks for more depth. But perhaps the best thing about the loose-wave hairstyle is the relatively easy styling methods. You could opt to use a curling iron to create waves and then brush your hair out lightly or twist damp hair, let it set overnight and then unravel and finger-comb it in the morning.

Voluminous Curls

Ladies, a head full of big, bountiful curls never hurt anyone, so feel free to embrace this style as much as you like. The benefits of this hairstyle on your fine hair is obvious since the voluminous curls will add a generous amount of thickness to your hair in a flash. As for your square face shape, the curls cause the eye to drift away from your face and its angular features and instead focus on your voluminous hairstyle. Whether you decide to create your curls with an iron or hot rollers, both in medium to large size, just make sure the outcome is dramatic and full of glamour.

Long and Sleek

While not as flashy as other hairstyles, a long and sleek 'do is always flattering and appropriate for any occasion. This hairstyle doesn't seek to visually thicken your locks, but instead highlights their natural texture. Since this style is all about smoothness and straight texture, all you really need to achieve it is a flatiron and a good pomade. There are no distractions with a long and sleek hairstyle, so your square facial features are on full display without the fear of your hair making your face look wider than normal.

Messy Bun

The undone bun is arguably the hottest hairstyle of the moment, so it should come as no surprise how well it benefits your square face and thin hair. The goal of this particular hairstyle is to create the illusion of the "bed head" look or hair that hasn't been groomed, when in fact it's skillfully styled. The messy bun complements your square face because of the stray strands framing your face that soften your angular jawline and chin, while the teasing at the crown visually gives your locks a thicker look. Simply curl your hair all over for texture, brush it out, place in a ponytail at the nape or the side of the head and form it into a bun. Pull a few strands out to frame your face and also a few out of your bun to give it a messy look.

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