How to Have Long Fingernails & Prevent Breaking

Stash a nail file in your purse for quick touch-ups.

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Have you been longing for French tips or lusting after the season's trendiest nail colors? Whether you want to rock a classic manicure or try out an edgier look, healthy nails are a must-have. Seems like some girls are just lucky when it comes to long nails that don't break off. The truth is, with proper nutrition and a few techniques, every diva can have long, sexy nails. Just be patient and disciplined and before long, you'll have your own set of long, natural nails.


Slather a rich moisturizer onto your hands and nails several times each day. Like your skin, your nails need moisture to stay healthy and grow long. If they dry out, they're prone to breakage; so lotion up, ladies.


Pull on a pair of cotton gloves over your moisturized hands to lock in moisture while you sleep. This trick will keep the lotion from rubbing off onto your sheets and will continue moisturizing your nails all night long.


Give yourself a manicure once a week. This may sound weird since you're trying to grow your nails long, but just like your hair, you need frequent trims to stay healthy. Once your nails are healthy and stop breaking, you can grow them out. Trim your nails with a clipper straight across and cut off any hangnails so you're not tempted to pull or bite them.


Apply a drop of rich nail oil to each fingernail. The oil will nourish your nail and encourage growth.


Slick on a coat of nail hardening polish. This will lock moisture in and replenish nails with vitamins and protein while they grow.


Take a biotin supplement each day. Popping a 2.5 mg pill of biotin every day has been shown to increase the thickness of nails.

Things You'll Need



3.Nail clippers

5.Biotin supplement

2.Cotton gloves

4.Nail oil

6.Nail hardening polish


Tips & Tricks


Eat your fruits and veggies! The vitamins found in carrots, mangoes and citrus fruits have been shown to stimulate nail growth.


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