How Long Are Crop Pants?

Capri pants are a popular form of cropped pants

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Cropped pants are longer than shorts and shorter than long pants, instead stopping somewhere between the knee and the ankle. The capri pants style is a particularly popular style of cropped pants. You can make cropped pants a part of both your casual and your more formal wardrobe but you should be careful about matching the length to your particular body type. Cropped pants of the wrong length can be a fashion disaster.

Varied Styles

There is no one standard length of cropped pants in terms of where it ends on the wearer's leg. Different styles end at different points on the leg. Because the length of cropped pants varies, finding a suitable, flattering length is in your hands. You can manage this at the store when you're trying out pants, being careful to select a pair that falls just right on the legs. Some cropped pants are easily altered by hand with a fold or two.

Short Cropped Pants

Gregg Andrews, a fashion director at Nordstrom, said in the "St. Petersburg Times" that a pair of cropped paints that are cut closer to the knee allow women with larger calves to avoid highlighting them in an uncomplimentary way. However, they also can be problematic for shorter women, according to several experts. A "Real Simple" magazine article advised that cropped pants near the knees are not a good look for shorter women and should be ditched in favor of Bermuda shorts. And the Flights of Fab Fashion website notes that short cropped pants "cut off" petite women. So if you're on the short side, be wary of the short cropped pants and be certain you can pull off the look.

Ankle length

A popular length for cropped pants in 2011 are pants that end just above the ankle, covering most of the leg but leaving room for enough ankle to distinguish it from simple long pants, according to the "Los Angeles Times." If you're contemplating cropped pants, this is the look you should try first. That length works well for most body types and gives taller women a particularly sleek impression. Andrews warns against allowing the pants to end right on the thickest part of the calf because it can create an unflattering perspective on a woman's legs, making them look out of proportion to the rest of her body. Shorter women should consider having the pants extend all the way to the top of the ankle, according to Melissa Magsaysay of the "Los Angeles Times."


Heels are a popular way to balance the sometimes awkward length of cropped pants, offering a counterpoint, so take the opportunity to show them off. This is true because cropped pants can produce the impression of shortened legs, according to College Fashion, and a pair of heels does the opposite, lengthening the look of the legs. In addition, cropped pants particularly emphasize footwear, so it's an opportunity to feature them. Cropped pants worn by models on the runway are often accompanied by some flashy heels, so here's your chance to expand your footwear wardrobe as well!

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