Long, Blonde Emo Hairstyles With Bangs

Nicki Minaj rocks an emo hairstyle at a 2011 Los Angeles gala.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Popular emo hairstyles often involve long, blond hair and bangs. Skip the artful highlights and the glossy locks, however, because emo fashion embraces the messy, jagged, asymmetrical and bright. To achieve a serious emo 'do, go with a single tone of platinum blond, which will provide the perfect backdrop for isolated strands or random patches painted hot pink or bright blue. Experiment with styling products and accessories to make your hairstyle club worthy.

Long Layers

Keep your locks long and straight for a classic emo look, but add some jagged, raggedy layers to grunge it up. Use a razor to shred the hair that frames your face to get shaggy layers around your ears, with the layers pointing toward your jaw line. Chop your bangs up as well, apply mousse and push them upward and outward. Play with your dye job by going blond all over and coloring just your bangs turquoise. Keep your hair at the back of your head long.

Side Sweep

Your bangs do not have to be vertical in emo hairstyles. Create a crazy side sweep of hair that results in sideways bangs that gently frame your forehead or hang lower to cover one eye. Part your hair far to one side and manipulate it over the other side, using styling gel or hair wax to keep the hair in place. Fluff the top of your hair with mousse to pump up the volume. For a wilder look, paint raccoon tail stripes in black or dark brown across the side sweep of blond hair.

Chop Top

Your long, blond hair goes emo when you chop up the topmost layer. Go very short if you want to use putty or wax to sculpt spikes in your hair. Or, keep the layer slightly longer, and comb it downward to create a bowl cut on top of your longer hair. Give the top layer some volume to define it by applying mousse from the roots to the ends. Highlight the longer segments by painting a couple strands hot pink.

Emo Accessorizing

Long, blond hair provides a neutral backdrop for some wild hair accessories. For a Goth look, wrap a black lace ribbon around your hair. Go grunge by dipping just the ends of your hair in inky black dye. Make your hairstyle catch the lights of the club by decorating it with glittery rhinestone clips or spraying it with temporary color laced with glitter. Add a rainbow of color to blond hair by clipping in neon hair extensions.

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