How Long After Dyeing Hair Should I Wait to Shampoo?

Wait 24 to 48 hours after coloring to shampoo your hair.

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Whether you rock salon color or an at-home dye job, hanging onto your fierce new hue can be tricky. Washing is a must for clean hair, but washing too soon after a coloring session can strip your hair of its vibrant color. Wait a little longer between shampoos and you'll enjoy fabulous hair color that lasts longer than usual and still looks fresh weeks later.

When to Wash

Once you've achieved your ultimate hair color, protect it from fading by waiting at least 24 hours before washing it. If you can stand it, go 48 hours without shampooing. Shampoo contains detergents that strip out color from your mane, so waiting 48 hours gives your hair color time to settle better into your hair. Limit hair washing to every other day, or even just three days a week if you can stand to go that long.

Shampoo Types

Your colored hair might look fabulous now, but if you wash too often and use the wrong type of shampoo, it can start fading fast. A color-enhancing shampoo helps protect your hair from everyday fading caused by ultraviolet rays. Use a shampoo designed for your hair color; these products have ingredients that help reflect light, making your color appear vibrant and fierce for longer.

Cleaning Without Washing

While you're waiting those two long days after coloring to shampoo your hair, your hair can start to look and feel dirty. Clean up with a dry shampoo; spritz it on your roots, leave in for a minute, then work it in with your fingers to get rid of the residue. Not only will the product help dry up all the icky oil in your hair, it will give you some serious volume, which makes styling easier.

Dirty Hair Styles

If you don't have dry shampoo and need a dirty hair fix in a hurry, try some cute hairstyles that will distract from your greasy scalp and make you a beauty goddess. Part your hair in the center and braid pieces on each side of your head. This will keep pesky pieces out of your eyes, and all attention will go to the braids, rather than the dirt. Or pull your hair into a high ponytail, mist your hair with hair spray and forget about it until time to shampoo.

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