List of Hairstyles That are Angled in the Back

Singer Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham has a wavy do with straight ends to show off the angles of her bob cut for an event in West Hollywood.

Photo: Toby Canham/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

An angled hairstyle is bold, trendy and dramatic. If those are features you're looking for in a hairdo, you'll definitely have to try one out for yourself. It doesn't matter if you only have lots of softly layered locks added in, or even few to no layers at all; you can still create a do with angles at the back if you style your hair correctly.


An angled bob cut creates major angles in your hair, which you can show off with a good flat-ironing around the ends. Leave the hair at the sides of your face out loose rather than tucked in behind your ears to avoid breaking up the angles at the back. Especially if you have a lot of shorter layers added in around the crown of your head, you can really see a lot of angles going on from the back. Style curls or some soft waves around the top of your head to build up some volume.


A triangular-shaped cut allows you to style your hair with a sharp angle at the back. Whether you have shorter pieces at the front angling to a longer back section or the other way around with a shorter back and longer sides, you still get the same angled effect. Add waves or curls through the top of your hair if you like, but curve the hair at the very ends under or up slightly for a sharp -- not soft -- angle.

Half Up

Styling your hair half up creates angles by pulling up the top and side sections, leaving the rest of your hair down loose. Rake the top section of your hair together and use an elastic or some bobby pins to secure it against your head. This style works especially well if you have layers in your hair, with longer pieces at the front. Straighten the hair at the back to really bring out the angles in your hair.

Shaggy Pixie

A shaggy pixie hairstyle -- longer than the closely-cropped pixie with the same style of shorter hair at back and longer around the sides and top -- is about as short as you can go to rock a hairdo that's angled at back. The best way to show off the angles of this cut is by creating a smooth effect at back and a more roughed-up look up front. This shows off the tapered angle at the back of your head -- which creates a sort of V-shaped angle -- and the difference in length from the front to back. Work some pomade through your hair, pulling up on random sections up top and smoothing the hair down at back.

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