Lipsticks for Dark-Skinned Women

Wear a bold shade and get the attention you deserve.

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Choosing the right lipstick can be an exhausting task that's never-ending. Forget about hectic, let's make lipstick easier by selecting shades that look best with your skin tone. As a dark-skinned woman, you have several lovely shades that pop against and compliment your deep, luscious skin tone. You'll find bright colors, neutral tones and subtle shades that are perfect for day, night and special occasions. It all starts with the lips ladies. Perfect that pout!

Bright Shades Lead the Way

When you have rich, dark skin don't be afraid to wear bright, bold shades that pop beautifully against it. In the past, the lipstick color rules for dark-skinned women included staying away from bright colors, but in recent years ebony-hued women have embraced all the bright colors of the spectrum with gorgeous results. Bright candy pinks, bold oranges, vivid purples and ravishing reds are all fabulous shades on dark-skinned women. The amazing contrast is why these shades work, the bright against the dark is beautiful, chic and fashion forward. However, remember that when wearing such a bold, dominating lipstick shade, the rest of your makeup should be as minimal as possible to avoid a clownish appearance.

In the Nude

The allure of nude lipstick is not lost on you. It goes with just about every color, outfit, shoe and handbag, and it allows you to get completely dramatic with your eye makeup because your lips are dressed in a very subtle shade. Dark-skinned women look great in nudes due to the contrasts of the browns; the lightest brown being the lipstick and the deep brown of your complexion. Be careful to choose the appropriate nude that brings out the best in your beautiful, lush tone. Really fair nudes with mostly beige or elements of light pink are the wrong hues for you. Try more toffee/caramel nudes with brown and gold bases to them. These shades blend in great with the natural tone of your lips rather than counteract against it.

Peachy Keen

When the temperatures rise, it's time to break out the lovely peach, coral and orange tones. Dark-skinned women can covet these shades in bulk and feel no guilt at all. The great thing about these shades is that they come in varying depths, from understated to in-your-face, which makes it fun to play with the many different tones. As a dark-skinned woman, look for peach, coral and orange shades that have gold bases with hints of pink, but not light pink which can wash you out. Look for those that have medium to darker pink elements. These shades are also a great medium between bright hues and nudes.

Red Alert

The most popular lipstick shade is also the most difficult to wear properly and that's because many women choose the wrong red, going against their skin tone instead of complimenting it. Dark-skinned women should opt for darker reds in brick, burgundy or other wine-colored hues. These members of the red family perfectly accent your dark complexion without fighting it. Red doesn't always mean the brightest shade you can find, sometimes the more understated reds look best, especially on dark-skinned women. For an added color boost, try mixing a brighter red with and darker shade to achieve a hot alternative.

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