The Best Lipstick Shades for Caramel Skin

Women with warm features can have a hard time finding the right lipstick.

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There's nothing like showing off flawless caramel skin with heart-stopping lips, but sadly, most women with warm features have a hard time finding the right lipstick that will stop traffic and break hearts. While there are hundreds of lipsticks to choose from at your favorite boutique or local drugstore, there are certain colors that will highlight your natural beauty and have you rocking some runway-ready trends with ease. Get glowing!

Go for the Gold

Golden skin deserves to shine, so don't be afraid to step into the spotlight with the right shade. Before experimenting with different lipsticks, make sure you first discover which colors suit you best. Those with warmer skin tones should avoid blue-based lipsticks and instead, opt for hues with a yellow base to complement your features. When looking for a product that highlights natural tans, Texas-based cosmetic CEO Rochelle Rae suggests finding lipsticks with a "golden-tint," giving you that dewy, sun-kissed look. And which colors should caramel chicas go after? Think sheer corals, shimmery light pinks or pale rose for a kissable pout.

Get Glam with Red

When it comes to ladies with tawny features, be daring and make a bold statement with vibrant red lips. While this look never goes out of style, some women fear that they will look more clownish than classy. Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Besame Cosmetics, believes that women, especially those with caramel skin, could easily add some oomph to their look just by heating things up. For those with olive undertones, Hernandez recommends brownish brick for daytime and rich cherry red for a night out. Let your complexion guide you in picking the right color that suits your personal taste. More importantly, always prep first! "Before wearing red lipstick, use balm to soften dry patches," Hernandez explains. "Apply minimal makeup to face, like a touch of foundation and some mascara. Then, blot your lips and add a light coat of foundation over the edges of your lips to avoid 'bleeding' or color creeping into the small lines of your skin."

Embrace the Nude

Let's face it, not everyone likes bright red lipstick. Fortunately, those with caramel skin tones can feel just as sexy by going nude. A creamy lipstick with a light brown or pink base not only brightens up skin, but it's also one of the easiest and stylish looks to master-if done right. "For an everyday look, I love using natural warm tones," says creative stylist and bridal director Kristy Lahens. "Applying a clear or shimmery gloss gives your lips a pretty and polished finish. You could even use a nude lip liner, shade in most of your lips and dab on some gloss. This will give you a little more definition if you have paler lips." Pinky beige, satin blush and other hues that best match your lips are preferred for creating a sensual nude that will have gents panting. Lahens also says that tanned ladies should try more striking lipsticks in rich pink and magenta. "Although seemingly a risky choice, this is a great compliment to a deeper complexion and you might be surprised at the result," she notes.

Dare to Wear Berry

Appearing as if you had a sip of Merlot during a romantic night out can be alluring. Luckily, you don't need to wine and dine just to capture the lip-stained look. Women with caramel skin tones can show off flawless features with a light berry lipstick. The key is to make lips look as if you just ate a popsicle or ripe raspberries. "InStyle Magazine" recommends seeking a natural-looking color that won't rub on teeth. Another trick is to apply a matte berry or black honey lipstick, gently swiping your mouth with a napkin, then dabbing with a clear balm. You won't have to worry about it fading away throughout the day. It can be worn for day or night. Remember, the key is appearing completely natural, not made-up.

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