The Best Lipstick Sealer

Make your lipstick last all day with the right lipstick sealer.

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When you seal something with a kiss, you shouldn’t leave your lipstick behind. That’s why you seal your lipstick before you give other people a kiss. Using a lipstick sealer helps your makeup to last longer and to stay in place, which can be advantageous if you tend to end up with lipstick on your teeth or chin. By using a lipstick sealer, you can say bye-bye to lipstick being anywhere but where it should be.

Long-Wearing Gloss

Glossy lips can make your lips look fuller -- and that’s usually a good thing. To seal your lipstick with gloss -- and get your lips looking glossy -- choose a gloss labeled “long-wearing." These glosses set your lipstick in place, providing a sealant between your lipstick and gloss. Because it’s long-lasting, your lip gloss should also be sticking around as long as possible.

Loose Powder

While you may know about using loose powder on your face to set your foundation, loose powder has uses for your lips too -- and it’s most likely already in your makeup bag, which is a bonus. Put a little powder on a puffy powder brush and smile while you lightly dust the powder on your lips. You shouldn’t see the powder on top of your lips, but you may wish to rub your lips together a few times to ensure that everything blends together.

Layers and Layers

Sometimes the best thing to seal your lipstick is … your lipstick. But lipstick that lasts should involve the application of at least two layers. To seal your lipstick, start with a moisturizing lip balm, because soft lips grab lipstick better and more evenly. You can then apply your first layer of lipstick with either a lip brush or the lipstick itself. Don’t use your fingers, because doing so can diminish the lipstick’s staying power. Blot your lipstick with a tissue, then apply an additional layer of lipstick and blot again. By blotting and layering, you can seal your lipstick in place because most of your lipstick that would have come off is already on your blotting paper.

Lipstick Sealant

Just like the topcoat you put on your nail polish, dedicated lipstick sealants are available to keep your lipstick in place. Most lipstick sealants resemble a small nail-polish bottle. Just give your lipstick time to dry before applying a sealant because the sealant can sometimes take your lipstick along with it.

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