Lipstick to Balance Facial Redness

Your lipstick color can help balance facial redness.

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Facial redness can be a temporary problem if you got a little too much sun, or a chronic challenge if you deal with rosacea or acne on a regular basis. It's not necessarily a pretty sight sometimes, but you don't need to let your red face get in the way of your love for lipstick. Your lipstick can even balance out your facial redness and keep you looking cool and fresh as a daisy.


Facial redness, unfortunately, is very visible. Taking care to choose just the right colors for all of your makeup, not just your lipstick, can help cover up the rosy hue and steers the attention elsewhere. When coloring your lips, resist the temptation to use bright, hot shades. You might think making your lips siren red will draw the attention away from the redness and to your mouth, but really it doesn't work that way. Red reflects red, wherever it is on your face, making your rash, acne or rosacea flareup more noticeable. Instead, go for a neutral look, playing down your lips. Try to match your natural lip color as closely as possible to make your facial redness disappear.


Choose your lip products carefully, especially if you have very sensitive skin or chronic skin disorders. Lipsticks and balms that are oily can be irritating and more likely to clog pores around your mouth, causing more redness. Redness around your mouth and cheeks can also be the result of an allergic reaction to your lipstick or another cosmetic product, a condition called contact dermatitis. Choose natural or organic lip color when possible to minimize the risk of exacerbating your facial redness.


Striking the perfect balance to even out your skin tone means using makeup and cosmetic products in moderation. If you wear lipstick and have chronic skin problems, forgo heavy foundations, powders and eye makeup, as an abundance of these items is more likely to cause a flareup when all worn together. Instead, use a lightweight foundation and just a touch of mascara or eyeliner along with your lipstick to keep your look natural and balanced.


Replace your lipstick on a regular basis to ensure you're not contributing to your facial redness even more. Old cosmetics break down, harbor bacteria and change color with continued exposure to air and your skin's natural oils. Toss your old lipstick every two years or even sooner if you notice changes in color and texture, or a change in your skin condition.

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