A-Line Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

A-line refers to the fact the bob is angled.

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For ladies who don't want to sport long manes, a contemporary chic cut to try is an A-line bob. Paired with some bangs, this cut has just the right combination of sophistication and boldness. It's a good option for ladies who have had bobs in the past but want something a little edgier.

The Shape

Don't fret if the term A-line confuses you -- unless you're a stylist, it's not very common to actually have this defined. A-line simply means the cut angles down toward the front. This leaves the back of the hair shorter than the front. For a bob, this generally translates to the back of the hair being roughly around the nape of the neck and the front of the bob falling around mid-neck height. Bobs can be shorter or longer, though, depending on your preference.


Adding bangs to an A-line bob is a beauty bonus because it helps connect the sides of the cut well and keeps the flow of the bob working. For example, if you keep the bob very blunt, some straight across bangs create another clear line. If you want a more subtle look and use techniques such as face-framing layers, side-swept bangs give another area of soft angle. Perhaps most importantly, however, bangs with an A-line bob keep the cut looking symmetrical. If you've got a heart-shaped face, for instance, some bangs can create the illusion of less width in the forehead. Because of this effect, bangs sometimes can make an A-line bob work on a face type that otherwise might find the cut a little tricky.


Ladies have fallen in love with A-line bob styles with bangs because even though the cut is practical, the cut has a distinctly modern and contemporary flair compared to traditional straight-cut bobs. Understanding that the whole point of these cuts is to be a little more flashy, how flashy you get depends mainly on the angle of the bob. The higher angle you use, the more dramatic the A-line bob is. The lower the angle you use, the softer the cut looks. How attention-grabbing you want to be is entirely up to you.

Who Nails the Look

Because an A-line bob can be cut to so many different lengths, and because bangs can even out features and blend the look, A-line bobs with bangs can be flattering on just about anyone. However, the goal of these cuts generally is to look sexy-sleek, and short, thick curly hair has a bad tendency to puff out in a not-so-glam way. A-line bobs with bangs thus work best on gals with fine and straight hair. If your hair naturally has some wave or curl, you can use techniques like ironing to get the style. Some women -- particularly African American beauties who tend to have thicker, coarser and puffier hair -- prefer to use texturizers and relaxers to get a smoother look to the cut, but these products can damage your hair.

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