Does an A-Line Bob Haircut Go With Curly Hair?

Having curly hair doesn't automatically mean a short cut is out.

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One of the most-asked-for styles for women's cut is the A-line bob. This type of bob is the classic bob's first cousin -- it has all the practicality and chicness of the traditional cut, but it's not cut straight across. Even though bobs work on most gals, an A-line with curly tresses has to be done very carefully to look okay. It'll make more heads turn if your curls are closer to the wavy side for a retro-glam look.

The Line

The idea with an A-line bob is that the hair is shorter in the back than it is in the front. That necessitates an angle from the back of your hair to the front. To see this angle and the line of the cut super-well, ideally you should have straight hair. With curly locks, the line of the angle is more diffused because of the lack of uniformity in the shape of your tresses, which almost defeats the purpose of having the A-line style.


Traditionally, a bob cut is around chin length, although a long bob can approach shoulder length and a short one can be above the chin. With an A-line bob, the cut usually stays on the mid-length to short side of the bob range. That way, the front of the hair is around the chin or middle of the neck and still has great movement as you turn your head. The trouble doing this on curly hair is that curly hair tends to pull a poodle and pouf without consideration for the control or look you want. If you cut your A-line the standard length, your hair might look wider at the base than the top, adding width to your style and giving you a pyramid effect. With your hair so short and at different lengths, you can toss any idea of putting it up to hide your pouf out the window.

Face Shape

Bobs can work on just about any face shape depending on the length of the cut, but with curls, your hair creates some natural softness around your face. If you have any sharp lines in your features, such as a square face and strong jaw, this is a benefit because the curls will reduce some of the severity in your features. In this case, a curly A-line bob could work. If you've got a round face or very subtle features, though, your curls could make your face look even less defined. This, combined with the tendency of curly hair to widen at the bottom the shorter it gets, might end up really widening you out in a not-so-flattering blobbish effect.

The Verdict

A bob can work on curly hair -- celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Meg Ryan have sported short bob cuts with curls and looked amazing. If you're going to go this route, though, particularly the A-line style, you have to be very careful to keep enough length in the cut to keep your tresses weighed down a little. That will keep the pouf issue at bay somewhat. Layering can remove some of the bulk at the sides of the cut, but this can't cure all your woes -- the more your stylist layers, the lighter your curls will be and the more they'll want to spring up, which can bring you right back where you started. Your face shape might give you a helping hand, but A-lines really do suit straight-haired gals best.

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