How to Lighten Hair Dyed Too Dark With Semi-Permanent Dye


Trying out a new hair color can give you a totally new look, but there's a dark side to playing with hair hues. If your new color crossed the line from gorgeous to gloomy, it's time for an intervention. Although semi-permanent color will lighten and eventually fade completely on its own, you can speed up the process with a couple of simple hair products.


Head to your local beauty supply store and grab a bottle of 20-volume developer, a bottle of moisturizing shampoo and a pair of latex gloves.


Mix equal amounts of the developer with the shampoo in a plastic bowl. For short hair, 2 tbsp. of each will probably be enough. Longer hair may need a 1/4 cup of each. Use a metal spoon to mix the two together really well.


Slip on your latex gloves and pour a little of the mixture into the palm of your hand. Tilt your head back and carefully apply the mixture to an area of the hair. Repeat this until all the hair has enough of the mixture on it to lather up and coat all the hair.


Gently massage the hair and work the mixture into a lather -- just like you're shampooing your hair. Keep it moving and massage your hair for five minutes. Set a timer so you don't' lose track of time.


After five minutes, check the color of your hair by wiping the mixture off of an area of the hair. If it's lightened enough for you, then go ahead and rinse. If not, keep massaging for another two to five minutes.


Rinse the mixture off completely like you were rinsing out regular shampoo. Apply conditioner to the hair to seal in the new, lighter color and rinse after one minute. Congrats! You now have a lighter version of your previous hair color.

Things You'll Need


1.20-volume developer


5.Latex gloves

2.Conditioning shampoo

4.Metal spoon



Tips & Tricks


If you only want to go slightly lighter, keep a really close eye on your hair while lathering up the shampoo cap. If your hair looks light enough after only a couple of minutes, then rinse. It's all about what looks good.

Don't use a developer higher than 20 volume. A higher volume of developer might lift your color too much and too quickly for you to keep control of the process.


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