How to Lighten Hair With Daily Lime Juice

Use the citric acid in lime juice to lighten your hair.

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If you're the type of woman who likes to keep your life au naturel and chemical-free, you might think that highlighting your hair is out of the question. But hope is just around the corner at your local grocery store. The same bitter bite that lime adds to your favorite cocktail also serves as a natural hair lightener. In just three days of a gentle lime treatment, your hair will be noticeably lighter, not to mention fresh smelling.


Mix it up. Fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of warm water and 1/4 cup of fresh lime juice. Shake the closed bottle to mix everything.


Prep your hair with a regular wash-n-rinse routine. Rinse especially carefully to remove any gunk or residue from your hair that might interfere with the lime juice's lightening effects.


Give your hair a quick towel dry. Style your hair with your fingers so that it falls naturally; combing or brushing your hair overworks it and is too difficult to replicate over the course of a week of lime treatments. Keep it simple for more even applications.


Spray away. Coat your hair from the roots to tips in an even spray of the lime mix. No need to go overboard; soaking your hair in the lime juice's citric acid will dry it out, especially if you do the treatment several days in a row. A light mist is plenty.


Turn up the heat. Blow dry your hair with your dryer on a warm or hot setting. Heat activates the citric acid for more immediate bleaching effects.


Style your hair however you please. Treat your hair with the lime mix just once per day. The longer you keep up with the treatments, the lighter your hair will become. Take a break after seven days; you don't want to dry out your hair with too many treatments. If you want your hair lighter, give your hair a week to recover from any drying effects and then pick up treatments again.

Things You'll Need


1.1/4 cup lime juice

3.Spray bottle

2.2 cups water

4.Blow dryer


Tips & Tricks


If you don't want to blow dry your hair, let your hair dry naturally in the sun instead. Be sure to cover up with sunscreen to avoid damaging your skin.

Lemon juice is an acceptable substitute for the lime juice.

Lime juice will also bleach clothing; wear a light colored Tshirt during the treatment.

If the citric acid begins to dry out your hair, stop the spray bottle treatments and mix the lime juice into you regular conditioner instead.


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