How to Lighten African-American Hair Without Bleach

Lighten your hair with no bleach, no problem.

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African-American hair is known to be more brittle, coarse and more prone to damage from hair chemicals than other hair types. So how do African-American women get lighter hair without excessive damage from bleaching? A special product, called a high lift hair color, helps you achieve the light color you want without the risk of damage you would likely get from bleach.


Mix high lift hair color with developer or activator. You usually mix equal parts developer and color but read the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that you use a high lift color since this type of color lifts up to four levels of natural color while also depositing color. It is different from a regular single process permanent color since it contains more ammonia, which allows it to lift so much.


Apply the hair color to your hair in one-inch sections, thoroughly saturating each section before moving onto the next. Are you wearing gloves? Hopefully, since color can stain skin and clothes too.


Allow the color to process according to the manufacturer’s directions (which can sometimes take up to 40 minutes) before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning hair.

Things You'll Need


1.High lift hair color

3.Applicator bottle

5.Shampoo and conditioner




Tips & Tricks


Keep your newly lightened locks looking their best by touching up the roots (and the roots only) every four-to-six weeks.

No color can lighten previously colored hair. If your hair was previously colored, you need to use a lightener such as bleach before re-coloring strands.


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