How to Go From Light to Dark Hair Color

Sultry brunettes like Fergie attract just as much attention as bombshell blondes.

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A rich, sultry brunette attracts just as much attention as a bombshell blonde. Darker hair reflects light to give you shiny strands that stand out in any crowd. A change from light to dark hair color is easier to do and less damaging to your tresses than going lighter. Your hair absorbs dark color easily, so choose a lighter version of the color you crave the first time you make the switch. Darken it later if you aren't in love with your new shade.


Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo at least one day before you color. This will get any excess styling products off your strands and prep them for coloring. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to treat any dryness.


Apply the hair color evenly from root to tip. Comb through to make sure every strand is saturated. Set the timer for the processing time recommended by the manufacturer.


When the timer sounds, rinse the color solution out of your hair until the water runs clear. Shampoo with a color safe product to protect your new dark hue. Follow with a conditioner made for color treated hair.


Let your hair air-dry or blow dry it sleek and straight to show off the intense shine wattage of your new dark tresses. Don't be surprised if you get admiring comments from complete strangers about your sizzilicious look.

Things You'll Need


1.Clarifying shampoo

3.Hair color

5.Color protectant shampoo

7.Blow dryer

2.Moisturizing conditioner


6.Color protectant conditioner


Tips & Tricks


A general rule of hair color is to choose a hue that's no more than two shades darker than your eyebrows.

Wash your hair with a brunette color depositing shampoo every three weeks to keep your dark shade vibrant.

Think twice about darkening your tresses if you're commitment-phobic or prone to frequent changes in hair color. Returning to a lighter shade is a multi-step process best done in a salon over a period of time. Consider adding darker highlights to your hair as a fun alternative if you're not sure you're up to the dark hair commitment just yet.

If you have naturally light hair, darkening your tresses results in high maintenance to keep from showing tell-tale light roots. Make sure your lifestyle can accommodate the change.


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