How do I Lift Hair Color at Home?

Lighten up by lifting your hair color a few shades.

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Lifting hair color is slightly different than bleaching your hair. This process may cause less damage if done correctly, so you won't end up with fried or stringy looking locks. You can lift up to three levels of color from your hair this way, so you can go from black hair to medium brown hair or from light brown to light blonde hair. Refer to the hair color level chart on the Mane Depot site to determine your current hair color level. Attempting to lift more than three levels will require several lifting sessions to prevent damage to your hair.


Pour approximately 2 ounces of hair color in a shade within three levels of your current hair color into a plastic applicator bottle.


Add 2 ounces of developer to the plastic applicator bottle. Use 20 volume developer if you only want to lift your hair color one level and 30 volume developer if you want to lift your hair color by two to three levels.


Place a gloved finger over the open tip of the applicator bottle and shake it vigorously to mix the hair color and developer together.


Apply the mixture to your dry hair from the roots to the ends until all of your hair is covered.


Wait 30 minutes or the amount of time suggested on the bottle of hair color. You can pile your hair on top of your head during this time to keep it out of your face, if necessary.


Rinse your hair with warm water to remove all of the hair color and developer.


Condition your hair with a deep conditioner and allow it to soak into your hair for at least three minutes before rinsing it away with cool water.


Evaluate your hair when it is completely dry. If you want to lift more of your color, you can repeat the process with a new shade of hair color as long as your hair still appears healthy. If your hair appears damaged, consult with a professional hair dresser to avoid causing any more damage.

Things You'll Need


1.2 ounces of hair color

3.Plastic applicator bottle

5.Warm water

7.Cool water

2.2 ounces of developer

4.Latex or plastic gloves

6.Deep Conditioner


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