How to Lift Black Hair Color

Fight the black hair blues by lifting out dye with a soap cap.

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It happens to the best of us. You decide you want to get all dramatic and try black hair dye, then realize you're not in love with the emo-kid look. Enter the bleach bath, also known as a soap cap. Of course it is always in your best interest to ask a professional stylist to fix hair dye mistakes. However, if you must be DIY about it, mix up a combination of clarifying shampoo, powder bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Save your hair yourself.


Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Wrap it in a towel or blow-dry your hair, until it's just damp. You can also run water through it with your fingers, or you can spritz water on your hair with a spray bottle.


Whip up a soap cap using 1/8-cup of bleach powder, 1/8-cup of 20-volume hydrogen peroxide bleach activator and 1/4-cup of clarifying shampoo. Mix it in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon, until it turns creamy.


Snap on a pair of latex gloves. Scoop out a handful of the mixture and start to work it through your hair with your fingers. The mixture will lather up a bit, since it contains shampoo. However, don't scrub it in like you normally would. Massaging bleach into your scalp can seriously burn.


Tuck your hair into a shower cap, which helps the heat from your head activate the bleach. Check every few minutes to make sure you're losing the dye, yet not your hair. Never leave a soap cap on your head for more than 15 minutes.


Rinse very thoroughly and follow with a deep conditioner to restore the moisture the bleach strips out. A soap cap will dry your hair, but it does remove the dye!

Things You'll Need


1.Hair bleach powder

3.Clarifying shampoo

5.Plastic spoon

7.Shower cap

9.Deep conditioner

2.20-volume hydrogen peroxide developer

4.Plastic bowl

6.Measuring cup

8.Latex gloves


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