What Length of Boots Should You Wear for Your Height?

With so many styles available, it is important to know what style and length of boot is suitable for you.

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Whether you are short or tall, the right boot for you is available. It is, however, important to know what type of boot you are suited to. There is no point in wearing a boot that swallows your whole leg, or wearing a style that is unflattering for long legs. Luckily, there is a huge variety of boots to flatter every height and body type. The key is to select a pair that will complement your figure and height, while remaining practical and stylish.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are short and sweet, making them ideal if you would describe yourself in the same way. Shorter, more petite women wear this style well, as it actually gives the appearance of lengthening their legs. A chic pair of ankle boots will give you a fashion-forward edge while keeping you looking taller and even slimming your legs. Wear with black tights and a mini skirt to create the illusion of extra height.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are one of fashion's favorite items. The infamous OTK went from "Pretty Woman" to catwalk hit. This style is ideal for the long-legged beauties of the world. Longer legs can carry off higher boots without appearing shorter or stubby. The over-the-knee boot will, in fact, optically slim your legs and allow your height to appear graceful and elegant. Wear your over-the-knee boots with jeans and a leather jacket for a practical, yet stylish look.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are usually mid-shin to under-the-knee length. This length is perfect for people of an average height. Riding boots do suit shorter ladies, but always select a mid-shin style, as any longer will cause your legs to disappear. If you are taller, go for a longer pair of riding boots; an under-the-knee style will give your legs a more proportionate look.

Heeled Boots

If you are short, the obvious answer may seem to be go for the highest heeled boots you can find. This, however, is not necessarily true. Shorter women should choose heels in proportion to their height when it comes to boots. Try a three- to four-inch heel to give yourself a little added height that isn't unrealistic or unnatural. For taller women, low heels will keep you from looking and feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

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