How to Learn to Walk in Stilettos

Fergie looked every bit like a knockout in her stiletto heels at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

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Stiletto heels are the skinniest heels you can find. They may look chic and super sexy, not to mention make your legs look a million times longer, but they sure can be a pain to walk in. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make walking in those suckers easier, so you can strut your stuff in your fave pair of stilettos and not break your back doing it.


Get the right size shoes. If you want to know how to learn to walk in a pair of stiletto heels, won't be starting off on the right foot -- pardon the pun -- if your shoes don't even fit you right. If you're not sure, go to a shoe store and have a professional measure your feet for you. Or, try on one of your best fitting pairs of shoes and use this as a guide of what size shoes you need.


Keep your chin up and eyes facing forward, with your shoulders down and back. No, you're not joining the military, but you do want to keep proper posture when you're walking in your stilettos. You look better, and it helps prevent you from hurting your back and causing injuries to your feet.


Start off with a shorter heel. Stiletto heels come in all different styles and sizes, so instead of jumping right into a pair of 6-inch heels, stick with a kitten heel -- under 3 inches -- for the time being. This way you have some time to get used to walking in shoes with a super thin heel and, well, don't have as far to go if you fall over the first couple of times.


Walk around at home to practice walking in your stilettos. This not only eliminates almost all of the embarrassment if you do trip and fall down, but it also gives you a chance to work in your shoes if they're new. Whether you're walking around picking up dirty laundry or practicing your runway walk a la America's Next Top Model, that doesn't matter. It's all about wearing those shoes in a bit so when you do wear them out they're more comfortable and you're used to walking in them.


Take baby steps. It's just like when you were a toddler learning to walk. Now it's the same thing but at a whole different stage in your life. Don't go running around in your stilettos, just take your time and have patience because it's going to take some practice, just like with anything else. You'll have to take shorter steps when you're in heels, so get used to walking this way.

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For closed-toe heels, and especially if your stilettos are pointy-toe, you may need to go a half or full size up for properly fitting shoes.

As you get used to walking in your stiletto shoes, you can start to go higher and higher with your heel height. Do bear in mind, the taller you are the more way up there you'll be with a super high stiletto, so get some practice in first OK, supermodel?

Use padded insoles on the inside of your stilettos to provide some cushion for your poor feet. Hey, they didn't ask to get put in these shoes, right? The least you can do is make sure they're as comfortable as possible.


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