Layered, Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Inverted, layered bobs can be as sophisticated or casual as you want.

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True fashionistas are constantly on the lookout for styles that are edgy and timeless. For hair, the layered, inverted bob style meets both requirements. This style works at many different lengths and can be adjusted to suit your face type, so it's one of the most-versatile contemporary-styling options.

The Basic Look

Even though there are practically a zillion ways to personalize a layered, inverted bob hairstyle, the basic look means that your hair is no longer than shoulder length. Most bobs tend to be a little shorter, hovering around mid-neck or chin length; but shorter, inverted bobs that are more like long pixie cuts can look stylish, too. Regardless of length, inverted means that the bob is longer in the front than in the back. Layers help soften the look. They can add or remove volume, depending on the length of the bob and how thick your hair is. Bangs can work with the cut, depending on your hairstyle and face shape.

Who Nails the Style?

Generally, fashionistas who have more of a heart shape to their face work a layered, inverted bob the best, assuming the bob is around chin length. However, gals with rounder faces look good in the cut, too, just as long as it's at least mid-length -- chin-length bobs on round faces tend to make the roundness even fuller. If your face is more square, you might be able to pull it off as long as you use the layers to soften the strong lines of your face and keep the length away from your jaw. If your face is oval, the cut has to have a lot of volume on the sides to balance the length of your face. Finer, straight hair is best suited for the style, because curly hair tends to look puffy the shorter you go.


Inverted, layered bobs put a contemporary spin on a classic, chic haircut. Similar to other short styles, the inverted, layered bob is fairly no-fuss in that it doesn't require an enormous amount of styling to look good. The layers can control issues with volume really easily, but at the same time, the tapering of the bob has a slimming and heightening effect.


Inverted, layered bobs suffer from the same problem as almost every short cut -- they're pretty hard to put up, although having more length in the front makes it slightly easier than with other short 'dos. On top of that, this haircut needs more-frequent trimming to keep the different lengths of layers from looking shaggy or uneven. This becomes even more important as bobs get shorter.

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