Layered Bob Hairstyles for Square Faces

A flattering bob should add softness around the edge of the face and draw the eye down.

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If you have a square face, you want your bob to soften up your features. That means you need a cut that frames your face. You don't want your hair to add too much width to your face, though. Never choose a cut that starts above your jawline -- if your stylist suggests this, run the other way.

Feathered Cut

Feathering around your face frames it with soft layers, which works really well for square jawlines. Taper the layers upward into a long fringe of bangs, or simply let the feathered layers end at your cheeks. If you want an especially chic look, part your hair at a steep angle and brush it over your forehead to one side, creating a fringe of long bangs. The layers throughout the rest of your hair can have a choppy or smooth look, depending on what you like best. Either way, your feathered fringe will make you feel gorgeous every day with almost no effort.

Long, Straight Cut

A long straight bob can be really flattering if you have a strong jawline -- as long as the cut ends below your jaw. If you have fine hair, the long, straight cut will be especially flattering for you, because your hair will look ultra sleek. Add some subtle, smooth layering at the base to give it body. Bangs look chic with this look too, as long as they don't thin out your hair too much. Angle bangs to taper down to the hair at the side of your head; you don't want your hair to have any square angles.

Curly Bob

Natural curl or wave flatters a square face by softening the features, especially when layered. However, these hair types run the risk of building loads of volume on the sides of your face, making your face seem wider. Talk with your stylist about options for your particular hair type. With gentle curls or waves, undercutting might tame your hair. Sometimes this is called an inverted bob, and it involves trimming the layers underneath so they're shorter. Tapering your hair upward in steep layers is another option, keeping the hair close to your head.

Graduated Bob

A graduated bob hangs down to your chin or below in the front, and arcs upward toward the back. Because you want to soften your jawline, the front of your hair will hang down past your jaw. This sexy style is popular with lots of straight-haired celebs. It can work with wavy or curly hair too, as long as your stylist knows what she's doing.

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