How to Layer Thick, Curly Hair

Layers tame thick, curly hair.

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Wherever there's twists, curls and twirls, there's a lot of it. Well, at least where hair is concerned. Naturally curly hair is almost always thick, uncontrollable and hard to deal with. Layers tame the wild beast, but you can't layer curly hair like other hair types. There's a trick to it. And if you don't want short school-girl bangs, you better learn it. Curly hair shrinks and springs as it wants to, and you must make allowances for it or you will end up with uneven or too-short hair.


Comb through your clean, dry hair to remove the tangles. Yes, it's going to be a frizzy mess from you know where, but it's got to be done. Curly hair is always cut dry, so plan accordingly. It can take forever to let your hair dry completely, so plan to cut your hair in the evening and scale back on the product usage on haircut day.


Put your chin to your chest and comb the back of your hair straight down. Separate a 2-inch section of hair in the middle of your head from the rest. Clamp the hair between the first two fingers of your left hand. Make sure your fingers are parallel to the floor and move your hand up toward your head about 2 inches, or until there is no tension in the hair. Trim off ½ inch.


Move slightly to the left. Trim another 2-inch section of hair, using the first section as your guide. Keep moving around the head and trimming until you trim the entire left side. Do the same for the right side. Keep that head tilted down when trimming the hair in the back, but look straight ahead when working on the sides.


Add layers by carving out a 1-inch, vertical section in the top center of your head. Comb the hair straight up, clamp it between the first two fingers of your left hand, let your hand drop until there is no tension in the hair and cut the hair parallel with the floor. You can remove as little or as much as you like. The more hair you remove at this point, the more layers you will have.


Pull the rest of your hair up to the center, top section you just cut and cut the rest of the hair even with the first section. Part the hair off into small ½-inch horizontal sections so that you can manage the hair better and see where you need to cut. Work on one side of the head and complete it before moving to the other side. Do the back last. Always pull all the hair in each section to the first cut that you made on top of your head.


Wet your hair down to reactivate the curl. Comb through it, gunk it up with some product and enjoy the new, layered you!

Things You'll Need


1.Wide-toothed comb



Tips & Tricks


Curls spring, shrink and do whatever they want to. Always cut the hair without stretching out the curl or pulling on the hair. Cut without tension to avoid an uneven hairdo when those curls spring back into place.


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