Ladies' Shirts That Look Good for Women With Wide Shoulders


It's common to hear gripes about round tummies, thick thighs or extra large behinds. There are a ton of fashion fixes for these problem areas, but you might feel lost in the fray when you've got to contend with broad shoulders. Finding a ladies shirt that emphasizes your wide shoulders in a good way might be akin to finding a pair of jeans that slim your hips -- otherwise known as the fashion Holy Grail. However, locating shirt styles that minimize your shoulders isn't quite as much of a challenge as you might think.


A V-neck works so well on many levels: they are always trendy and the "v" part of the neckline elongates your upper half, drawing the eye downwards on your body instead of across your broad shoulders. Moreover, V-necks can always be found in the funkiest little styles, from sweaters perfect for a fuzzy boots to comfy tees meant to match up with sweat pants to get in that morning workout.

Wrap Shirt

It almost seems as though a wrap style shirt or dress can be a figure fix for any body issue. Want to hide your tummy? Wear a wrap dress. Want to minimize your bust? Wear a wrap shirt. Want to de-emphasize broad shoulders? As long as it's a wrap style, it'll do the trick. Just make sure you go with a soft cotton blend or something equally forgiving; a tight spandex material, for example, will be too clingy and emphasize those shoulders even more.

Scoop Neck Tops

Try a scoop neck if the V-neck top is too severe a plunge for you. A scoop neck is a bit wider and boasts a U-shape to the top. However, the principle is the same -- drawing the eye downwards so there is not a horizontally-shaped focus to your body. This is a great look for professional attire and casual wear.

Additional Considerations

You might consider emphasizing other areas of your body, such as a funky belt slung low on your hips or a fabulous pair of embroidered jeans to draw attention away from your shoulders. Above all, remember to embrace your body and dress with confidence. Your shoulders might be wide, but you draw more attention to them in a negative light if you don't dress and carry yourself with confidence.

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