The Best Lacy Sheer Bras

Lacy, sheer bras are available in all shapes and sizes.

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Don't just think of a bra as another necessary layer -- see it as another opportunity to adorn yourself with beautiful patterns, textures and fabrics. A lacy, sheer bra frames your silhouette with style and grace, giving you the support you need and the style you crave. Lacy, sheer bras run the gamut from affordable daily wear to expensive bedroom plaything, though, so before you hit the department store, consider what some fashion experts have to say about your best options.

Everyday Wear

Just because a bra is laced with frills doesn't mean you can't wear it on a daily basis -- in fact, depending on how much you feel comfortable revealing, you may prefer it that way. "Glamour" recommends American Apparel's stretch floral lace bra, which hugs your curves and is embellished with sheer, lacy patterns and no flappy frills. "Marie Claire" suggests a lacy white bra from Mary Green, which is embellished with floral patterns that keep you covered enough to pair it with a low-cut or open shirt.

Frills and Thrills

If you want some lace and sheer fabric to spice things up in the bedroom, you have plenty of options that appeal to both your partner and your sense of fashion. "Refinery 29" has its own picks for best lacy, sheer bras, including the Kiki de Montparnasse Corselet, a sheer black number that combines wearability with sensuality. It also recommends the Mimi Holliday by Damaris, a sheer black bra lined with lacy frills and adorned with white polka dots.

Full-Figured Fashion

Sheer, lacy bras aren't strictly reserved for sizes in the single digits -- in fact, you have plenty of options whether you're full-figured or just blessed with killer curves. "Marie Claire" calls the Chantelle, a lacy, sheer white bra from Nordstrom, one of the best bras for curvy women -- period. "Refinery 29," on the other hand, suggests a Dentelle lace underwired bra, which runs in larger cup sizes and comes in a seductive black or playful white and pink.

Affordable vs. Expensive

No matter what the experts say, the best bra for you is always going to be influenced by your budget -- and this is especially true when it comes to lingerie. Some women are willing and able to drop big bucks on a bra, and if that's you, there's no reason not to live it up. That Kiki de Montparnasse piece that "Refinery 29" adores can run you $250 -- if that's your entire clothing budget for the month, then maybe a piece like that isn't the best fit. While you can typically expect to pay around at least $30 for a sheer bra with lace, some options -- like the American Apparel number that "Glamour" recommends -- are available for less than $20. Not bad when you're ballin' on a budget.

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