How to Lace Your Shoes Without Tying Them

Lace your shoes so you don't have to tie them any more.

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A new pair of shoes deserves a fresh look in the laces. Skip the same old boring criss-cross design and lace your shoes in an innovative way that eliminates the need to tie them every day. This lacing method creates symmetrical rows of shoelace similar to the decorative lacing shoe stores use in their display windows. There is more tension at the top of the shoe and less at the bottom where the loose end of the lace resides, so the lace naturally stays in place using just the friction between the lace and the shoe.


Make a knot in one end of a shoelace. Use shoelaces that are a little bit shorter than you would normally choose, so you don't have a lot of leftover lace material to tuck into your shoe.


Place the shoe on your foot. Grab the end of the shoelace without the knot. Thread the shoelace through the upper right eyelet from the inside outward.


Pull the shoelace until the knot stops it from going any further. Push the tip of the lace down through the upper left eyelet, from the outside in. Pull the lace taut.


Pull the lace up through the second eyelet on the right, then push the tip of the shoelace down through the second eyelet on the left. Pull the lace taut every time you thread it through an eyelet.


Continue threading the shoelace through the eyelets until you reach the bottom of the shoe. Feed the loose end of the shoelace between the layer of laces on top and the layer of laces underneath. Thread it from the toe end of the shoe up to the top and tuck any leftover lace into the shoe around the tongue.


Adjust the laces to loosen or tighten them until the shoe is comfortable. You shouldn't have to adjust the laces again after this final time, and the shoe will hold on your foot without you tying the laces.

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