What Kinds of Skirts Look Good With Wedge Boots?

At a screening of the movie "Somewhere" at Tribeca Grand Hotel, Elle Fanning balances her heavy boots with an A-line skirt.

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wearing wedge boots with a skirt can be the ultimate in funky, bohemian, cold-weather cool. The tricky part is finding the right skirt; since a wedge visually weighs your figure down, you'll want to find a skirt with enough bulk to support them. Pencil skirts need not apply; to score a win for your wedges, you'll need a skirt that's a bit more substantial.

A-line Shine

Ah, the virtues of an A-line skirt. It works for every figure, creates hourglass curves and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. To top it all off, it's the perfect companion to a pair of wedge boots. See, the A-line adds curvature to your figure; a superslim skirt with no flare action could make your legs look bound together, causing wedge boots to look bulky, especially at the bottom near your feet. The fullness of the A-line skirt resists being weighed down this way, leaving your feet looking smaller, and you looking cute.

Jack-in-the-Box Pleats

It's hard not to look playful in a pleated skirt, which can lend a lighthearted look to almost any piece. For pairing with wedge boots, bet on box pleats; this type of pleat folds in along the skirt, but releases the pleats near the hem, giving you a look that's a little full, a little flared and fully flirty. This will help lift the look of potentially heavy wedge boots, particularly if the boots reach your knees and therefore cover more of your bottom half.

Donald Trump(et)

A skirt can't make you a magnate, but you'll at least hit the fashion jackpot wearing your wedges with a trumpet skirt. Somewhat similar to a pencil skirt, the trumpet hugs your hips and thighs closely, but flares out right at the hem. Thus, you have the best of both worlds; form-fitting foxiness and just enough weight to support your fabulous wedges.

It's a Wrap

Let's say you're not looking for a flare, per se, or tons of body in your skirt. Maybe you'd like something a bit more simple and subdued. If so, it's time you got all wrapped up in a wrap skirt. This type of skirt is bound about the waist in a fashion that produces a very subtle fullness, giving it just enough body to welcome a wedge boot. Skimming down your body rather than clinging to it or flaring from it, it's the casual answer to the trumpet and the A-line. Combine with your wedge boots for soft sophistication.

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