What Kinds of Bags Do I Use to Cover Fur Coats?

Transporting your favorite fur in a bag is OK.

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When you’re wearing real fur one thing is for sure, you will never feel the cold winter chill. Fox, mink, chinchilla, sable – no matter what the type – fur is warmth and luxury all wrapped up in one. Fine fur demands quality care and handling, so think twice before you slip your new fur in just any bag.


Never, ever put your fur coat in a plastic bag for storage. Some girls think that if they cover their favorite fur with a plastic bag, it will protect the coat from dust, dirt and odors. While the bag may indeed keep the fur coat clean, it also causes it to deteriorate. The leather side of the fur coat needs air – lots of it. Seal it up in a bag, and you hand the fur coat a death sentence. There are times when using a bag is appropriate. However, the bag should be made of cloth fabric to allow for proper air circulation.

From Here to There

The only time a fur coat should be in a bag is when it is en route to the cleaners or a storage facility. Short stints inside the bag when traveling are OK, as long as it’s a cloth bag. Choose a loose-weave cloth garment bag that is specifically designed for the transport of fine leathers and furs on the go. Before placing the fur coat in the bag, hang it neatly on a padded plastic hanger. Avoid wire hangers at all cost.

Behind the Closet Door

When you return home with your fur, remove it from the bag before hanging it in the closet. Even though the cloth bag does allow for some airflow, it isn’t enough to sustain the leather backing, especially in a closed closet. Choose an uncramped closet for the fur coat that has good ventilation and no exposure to direct light and heat. Fur is quick to absorb odors, so if you are a regular user of mothballs, quit the habit.

Keepin’ it Cool

If you normally store your fur coat in a closet during the off-season, consider professional fur storage instead. Cold storage is the ideal environment for fur during the summer months. No mothballs, no bags -- just clean, cool air flowing around your fur coat, protecting it from environmental hazards and pests. After storage, the fur looks just as lustrous as the day you bought it. If you are used to pulling a crumpled mess from your closet when the cold weather sets in, skip the closet and plastic bag and visit a furrier.

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