What Kind of Water Repellent Spray Should I Use on My Bear Paw Boots?


The sheepskin and suede boot trend roars with fresh energy every winter, as savvy fashionistas look for ways to keep tootsies warm and dry in high style. The BearPaw company -- one of many sheepskin and suede boot makers -- offers buyers instructions for using water repellent spray to keep boots in shape and feet in comfort.

BearPaw’s Recommendation

The BearPaw company tells consumers to spray all boots made of sheepskin or suede with a special sheepskin stain and water repellent before wearing them for the first time. You can buy BearPaw's special product made for its footwear if you want, but you can also buy any water repellent product made for treating sheepskin or suede. When you coat your boots with a thin layer of repellent, it will stop dirt and oil from ruining your boots. A layer of repellent will keep dirt on the surface of the boots, which means you’ll be able to wash it away more easily. The BearPaw company tells shoppers that using a repellent spray should enhance boot and shoe life.

Water Repellent Product

BearPaw recommends its “Cloud Nine Sheepskin Water Repellent and Stain Guard” for sheepskin and suede boots. Go ahead and pop for this product if you want, but any water repellent spray made for sheepskin will protect the boots and keep them cleaner. Not only will the water repellent product keep your boots looking fierce, but you can also use it on gloves, mittens, hats and even slippers to keep them looking fine.

How to Apply It

Before wearing your boots for the first time, spread a newspaper out on the floor and put your boots in the center. Hold the spray bottle about 8 inches away from the boots and start spraying a light layer of the repellent evenly over the entire upper surface. Leave your boots there to dry for at least eight hours, and then they’re ready to wear.


When your boots eventually get dirty, it’s a simple thing to wash them when you’ve already spritzed on the water repellent spray. Get a clean cloth wet and start rubbing the sheepskin or suede upper of the boot. Add a little cleaner to the damp cloth -- suede cleaner for suede boots or sheepskin cleaner for sheepskin boots. Rub gently to remove stains, then rinse the cloth well to get rid of the soap. Use the rinsed cloth to rinse the soap from the boots. Let the boots air dry, then buff the suede or sheepskin with a brush. Give the boots another light layer of water repellent spray to get them ready for winter weather again.

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