What Kind of Shampoo to Make Your Hair Light & Bouncy

Choose your shampoo well to keep your locks shiny and clean.

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No girl wants a head of hair that’s heavy and dull -- light and bouncy hair is in all year 'round. Certain shampoos can put a roadblock on your quest for the perfect 'do, but switch up your shower routine and you’ll see results. You may spend a little more time reading labels in the shampoo aisle, but it’s worth it.

Light and Bouncy

The trick to light and bouncy hair is to avoid products that weigh down your strands. You don’t want shampoo overload to weigh you down and keep you from achieving light, lustrous locks. If you have fine hair, though, you may need to pump up the strands to get a full, bouncy mane. Once you have squeaky clean hair, you’re free to style and primp until you have the look you want.

Shampoo Ingredients

Check the label on your shampoo. If it says volumizing, you’re on the right track. Even better are shampoos free of sulfates and parabens. They’re gentle and won’t strip your hair -- which is especially important if it’s dyed. Pampered, undamaged hair is more able to bounce than fried locks. Seek out shampoos that contain astringents if oil is weighing down your hair. If you have fine hair that’s not giving you much lift, search out panthenol on the label -- it’ll make each piece of your hair thicker.


Humectants are one of the worst shampoo ingredients for a girl who loves bouncy hair. Since humectants increase your hair’s ability to hold moisture, they make your strands heavier. They’re great if you’re trying to moisturize, but not so great for adding a little movement to your style. Humectants show up on the label as words ending in -diol or -triol for the most part, but glucose, xylitol, elastin, silk, keratin, laneth-x and other ingredients are also humectants.


If you’re roasting in the summer sun, look for an oil that will keep your hair strong and moist. The sun can do a number on your hair. Avoid the damage that’ll inevitably lead to lifeless, lackluster hair. You should also look for colorless shampoos, since they have fewer conditioning ingredients and leave less grease on your shafts.

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