What Kind of Pants to Wear With Flat & Tall Black Boots

Actress Alison Haislip rocks the pants-in-boots look at the "Call of Duty XP" Fan Experience.

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When it comes to up-to-date trends, some women seem to catch on with ease, while others straggle behind. "Are we still doing those purposely ripped jeans or does everyone realize by now that they're just damaged pants?" Tucking pants into boots is one of those trends that the glamouristas glide through, while others are left trying to figure out. Before you start smushing any old pant leg into your boots, pick the right pair of pants before you head out the door.

Skinny Jeans

Love the trend or hate it, you can't deny that skinny jeans go with almost everything. Skinny jeans are the ultimate accessory to flat, tall black boots because the colors look good together and they pull off the tight tuck-in with ease. The tapered leg at the bottom is just the thing to smoothly slip into your boots, whether they're more open-style cowboy boots or leg-lovin' tight ones. Jeans and flat boots are also besties because their casual styles complement each other. For a nifty leg-elongating trick that's the best friend of petite girls, pair your tall black boots with super dark skinny jeans. The two will blend together, making your leg look like it just keeps going and going -- fabulous.


For all those haters who say leggings aren't pants: granted, you may have a point. But what's a small technicality like that compared to the awesomeness of how leggings look with boots? Leggings are so tightly fitted that they totally avoid that awkward bunching-up nightmare that can sometimes happen to pants when they're tucked into boots. As the day wears on, your leggings will not gather in a puddle of fabric above the tops of your boots, making you look like a major fashion "Don't." The thin, stretchy material will stay nicely tucked into your boots, keeping you in style all day long. When you're tucking your leggings into your boots, the longer the leggings, the better they will stay. Any color goes with black boots, so stay chic with black or take a risk with bright purple leggings.

Cropped Pants

Tall boots are just the thing to wear with your favorite pair of cropped pants once the cold weather sets in. Your adorable tweed/houndstooth/solid/woolen or whatever cropped pants that looked so cute in the fall can be too cold once the real chills arrive, but that doesn't mean you're ready to give them up. Enter tall, flat boots. Pair your cropped pants with a pair of thick, warm socks and tuck them into tall boots -- voila! Instant long pants. No one has to know how short they are underneath those boot legs. Flat boots can be a little too casual for the workplace, so stick with a pointy-toed pair to dress up the look.

Step Away from the Merchandise

If there's one boots-and-pants basic to instill in the fashion-clueless, it's that bootleg pants do not go with boots. Yes, they share the word "boot" in their names, but that's not because they're a pair. Bootleg pants are way too bunchy to tuck inside your boots and way too dorky to wear over them - besides, why would you don a pair of fabulous boots only to disguise them with your pants?

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